Saturday, October 11, 2014

WoZhaWa Days Arts and Crafts Show

One of the biggest events that Busy Bee Stitchery attends and takes part in is the WoZhaWa Days Arts and Crafts Show each September. We work really hard all year to prepare for that show, and 2014 was one of our best shows yet!

Here are some pictures that were taken throughout the weekend! Please enjoy, and if you see anything you like that you'd be interested in ordering, head over to our Etsy store because some stuff might still be listed (we had multiples), or contact us to make an order if you don't see what you're interested in! Links will be provided at the end of the post :)

Our tent! This pic was taken on the second day, so the tent isn't as full as it was to start with.

The bag rack needs refilling! We sold a lot of bags before we took this picture!

We had people trying on hats all day long! We had to straighten this table a lot throughout the day :)

Our stuffies :)

This looked so gorgeous hanging in our tent!

This jar was packed full at the start of the show, and I was making them non stop DURING the show, just to keep some in the jar! Luckily we snapped a pic before those last 3 went to their new homes!

 I can't believe how few duct tape wallets are in this box, we started with SO MANY!!

 We sold a lot of rubber band loom Disney princesses, until this Ariel was one of the only princesses left!

Ipad cases! They can be made to fit any tablet :)

A shot to show us working away in the back of the tent! We've always got hats and such being crocheted and constructed, for people who come into the booth and love a hat but want a different size or character - they can come back the next day and pick up their order :)

One of our dear friends named Hope also sells at this show. Her business is called Agourdables, and she makes the most amazing animals and characters out of gourds. She also paints beautiful furniture, and she's always one of the most talked about vendors! Here are a few pictures of her amazing work! If you like what you see, check out her website,

While the first day of the show was incredibly cold, and quite rainy, the rest of the weekend was the most beautiful fall weather, and it seemed like everyone within a 100 mile radius decided it was a great day to go to the park and walk through the craft tents. We never had a moment when we didn't have a packed tent. It was an amazing weekend, and by the end we were all exhausted and ready for bed LOL!

Thanks for reading, please check out our various links and like/follow/etc. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

My Crafty Doctor Who Birthday!

There are only 8 minutes left of my 34th birthday, and I want to write this blog post while this amazing day is still fresh in my mind :) While of course we devote a lot of time to crafting for our business, we craft for each other, and our friends as well, and my birthday was no exception! My friends' put their VAST creativity to great use, and made the most outstanding birthday surprises EVER!
My very own Tardis!

Inside of the Tardis
Never in my life have I had such an amazing birthday, felt so special, or been made to feel so much love, as I have on this day! It started the minute I opened my eyes this morning and found a note that said I wasn't to do ANYTHING but let my best friends know I was awake! I knew then and there it was going to be a surprising day!

If I were to write down every single fantastic surprise that I had today, you'd be reading this until my NEXT birthday, because that's how jam packed full of fun the whole day was! I had to shoot Daleks off my stairs with a nerf gun, "moisturize Cassandra" in sugar cookie form (Doctor Who fans will understand this LOL), I got my very own Tardis (which my cats are in love with!), as well as several Sonic Screwdrivers to choose from (that were even usable ink pens), and so much more!
Daleks! They had to be shot off my stairs with a Nerf Gun!

I was treated to breakfast at a restaurant I hadn't been to since I was a kid, and while I was eating, all of a sudden my students starting showing up one by one, each bringing me a flower and wishing me happy birthday! It was the sweetest thing ever, and was the perfect start of the day <3

Tardis Notebook, Keychain, Clutch, and Box w/Magnetic Flap
At Starbucks my drink was delivered with 34 straws (thanks Leeanna!), and was in a crocheted Tardis coffee sleeve (created by Sarah and Rachel at Busy Bee Stitchery, of course)! The Doctor Who stuff was just too awesome for a Whovian like myself!
Crocheted Tardis Coffee Sleeve, and Sonic
Screwdriver Ink Pens!

Tardis Christmas Ornament

We went shopping, and every store we went to I was given a gift by one of the workers, who'd been let in on the secret earlier by my friends. They loved being a part of it! Throughout the day I worked on a list of 34 dares and 34 crazy Youtube videos I need to complete while I'm 34, so if you're interested in watching THAT craziness, you can check out the ones we did today at the Youtube channel "34 to Life".

I even got 34 presents, which was amazing! It's hard to say what my favorite was (aside from the Doctor Who ones, of course!) I mean, how can you compare Archie socks with a scented Justin Beiber dog tag, or a Turkey tester that gobbles with a Chickens? magazine?? You can't. All 34 were amazing LOL.
Hollow book, and Companion Kit

All of the Doctor Who stuff in these pictures were CRAFTED by my best friends. That is so amazing! I'm so lucky to get to work with these girls, their talent is mind blowing to me!

Thank you Sarah and Rachel, for giving me a birthday I'll remember forever and ever, and for spending so much time making these AMAZING gifts that will always be at the very top of my "Favorite Gifts EVER!!!" list!  This day meant the world to me!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sneak Peek!

The Taste of the Dells Arts and Crafts Fair that we help organize as well as participate in will be held on June 7-8, which is just around the corner! Time has flown by, and we have been busy working on our crafts that we will be displaying that weekend.

We like to use this show as our creative outlet, where we can try out new things, and see what people think! Besides the crafts that we regularly showcase, we'll be displaying a lot of new crafts at Taste of the Dells this year, and I thought I'd post a little sneak preview of some of the things that will be on sale! This isn't everything, of course - there has to be some mystery!- but it's a little sample of the fun stuff that is on its way! Keep checking back in, I may post a few more preview pictures between now and next weekend :)

Enjoy the little preview, and we really hope to see you next weekend (June 7-8) at the Taste of the Dells Arts and Crafts Show! The show will run from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday, and from 9 am to 3 pm on Sunday. For more information on the Taste of the Dells Festival, check out

Front View

Back View
Love these Robots!

Iron Man! Any Marvel fan would love this!

Good Minion/Naughty Minion

Crafts made from game pieces! So cool!
Hello Kitty!
Jewelry holder

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crafty Kids!

Let's be honest- there is just no way on EARTH these two kids could have avoided being crafty, what with all the crafts that float through their homes every single day! So while their moms work on crocheting, sewing, etc. the kids of Busy Bee Stitchery are often working on crafts of their very own :)

First let's introduce these Crafty Kiddos! Josie and Tristan are both 9 years old, and they have been best friends forever! These kids are two peas in a pod for sure.

Both kids love using their very vivid imaginations, and they've been watching their crafty parents create things since the day they were born, so both are, of course, very crafty themselves!

I thought it would be fun to share with everyone a few of the crafts that the Busy Bee Kids have been working on lately! We here at Busy Bee Stitchery couldn't be more proud of our little worker bees, and we hope you enjoy seeing their creations as well!

First up is Miss Josie! Recently I decided to give Josie her own Duct Tape Crafting Kit! I put lots of different duct tape prints inside, as well as solid colors to coordinate, and then various tools and supplies she'd need to start making her own duct tape creations.
She went straight to work, and spent HOURS just in the first night, cutting and folding and taping...She soon created a whole box full of duct tape goodies for all her friends and family!

She's going to town on that duct tape! I've gotten several adorable gifts from her that are SO creative, I can't wait to see what she thinks up next! Soon we'll be having our 100 Days of School Celebration, and she has been working hard on making 100 duct tape flower petals to take into her class, to illustrate the number 100! She's putting all that craft creativeness to good use :)  Good job, Josie!

Now for Sir Tristan! In November, Tristan decided he wanted to make a gingerbread house. But not just ANY gingerbread house! He wanted to create a Minecraft themed gingerbread mansion! He got to work right away by pulling out his paper and markers, and drawing up the blueprints for his Minecraft house (he had to promise me he'd work on his Christmas cards as well! It was a good compromise LOL).

After the design was finished, Tristan and his dad started baking the gingerbread, and cutting out several hundred of the small squares that they used to assemble the whole house and surrounding scene! They also baked up some gingerbread men, and used some of them to create a few of the "Steve" characters from the game. They then broke the arms off some of the gingerbread men to create Creepers, that they colored green with green frosting. The tree was made with an inverted ice cream cone!

 Tristan LOVED how it turned out! We proudly displayed it throughout the holiday season, and everyone who came to visit us admired it, and were amazed at how creative it was!

Both Tristan and Josie have awesome imaginations, and I have no doubt that as the years go by, they'll be creating more and more amazing crafts! I just love these crafty kids <3

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wicked Awesome Duct Tape Notebook!

So we've been having a great time the last few months, experimenting with duct tape, and trying out various ideas of ways we can use duct tape for crafting!

One of the crafts I was particularly drawn to when I first began playing with duct tape was duct tape paintings. Basically a duct tape painting is when you create/recreate a picture using ONLY duct tape. Usually it's on a canvas, but it can be on any sort of base. As soon as I got the idea to do a duct tape painting, I knew exactly the picture I wanted to "paint".

Wicked is one of my absolute favorite musicals, and I've always loved the cover of the playbill, with Glinda whispering to Elphaba. I got it into my head that I needed to recreate that picture, using nothing but duct tape!

Back when we saw Wicked, I had purchased the big, souvenir program, and I used tracing paper to trace the picture off the front of the program. I used a non-spiral notebook as my base, and began mapping out which colors would go where, and the best ways to go about recreating this picture. I got side-lined for a while when I couldn't locate a cream colored duct tape to use for Glinda's skin, but I finally got my hands on a tan that -while a little darker than I'd wanted- would work well enough.

I didn't want to do any of the small details or facial features, because I liked the idea of it being more simple; but at the last minute I decided to add the red lips on Elphaba, and I think it was the perfect touch!

It came out exactly the way I pictured it, I couldn't be more pleased :) Now onto my next "painting" which is going to be a My Little Pony picture
for my goddaughter! Crossing my fingers that it turns out just as great as the Wicked notebook did :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Minions - A Peek Behind the Curtain!

Meet our Minions from Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2! Aren't they TO DIE FOR??? Each one is about 10 hours of crochet work. They stand about 16-22 inches tall (they are each unique!) Anyone who sees one of these amazing minions in person wants to know how we possibly created such an adorable little guy all out of crochet! So we thought we'd give a little behind the scenes information on how they are created :)

All the various parts are crocheted separately, and attached to the main body of the minion assembly line style. Which means we'll have the following scene lying about the living room...........

Which can be a little bit creepy LOL! But once they are assembled they are the most amazing little guys :)  We leave all the pockets open so that the minions can put their little hands in their pockets, or they can keep little treats in there!
We are working on creating accessories and outfits for our minions as well! A maid's outfit like the one in the movie is in the works, as well as other minion characters - if you have a favorite minion that you'd love to see a crochet version of, leave it in a comment! We love new ideas :)

Our kids LOVE these little minions, and have put them on their Christmas lists! They are incredibly huggable and squeezable!

If you are interested in a minion of your very own, email us at!
Also, if you like the Reindeer Games house in the second picture, check out our friend's website, She is AMAZING!