Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's Wallet Weekend!

This week, behind the scenes at Busy Bee Stitchery you'll find the girls hustling to make duct tape wallets! The girls at BZB (which is the acronym they use when they're too lazy to type out their full name!) were lucky enough to be able to work with a buyer for a middle school's school store, who ordered FIFTY duct tape wallets!! And they have about 10 days to create those 50 wallets!!!

When the girls were first contacted about the idea of creating a bulk amount of the wallets for the school store, the buyer was thinking between 25 and 40 wallets. The next day she said it would most likely be 30 wallets, but she had to get the order okayed by the committee. Later that afternoon, the buyer said the committee LOVED the wallets (YAY!) and wanted 50!!! Before November 28!! There was lots of ecstatic squealing and cyber high fiving (since all this took place through texting and emails lol)- what an awesome order to receive, to commemorate the beginning of the girls' newly merged business! AND THEN some panic set in, and they realized there was a LOT of work to do lol.

So Brooke immediately went home and set up home base for duct tape wallet production!

Here is the center of all the wallet producing hub bub! Look at all that green tape lol!

Just taking it one step at a time, so first things first - time to make 50 wallet bases! There's about 20 here....

The star of the show! The Creeper wallet. This will be the end result....Multiplied by 50 lol!

Because Brooke likes to break it up a bit, after every couple hours of making Creeper wallets she takes a little break and makes a different kind of wallet for Etsy and other shows....tonight she worked on Duck Dynasty wallets!

It'll be a very busy 10 days here at Busy Bee Stitchery, that's for SURE!!!


  1. Wallet Week(ish) looks awesome!! Congrats on an awesome sale guys! So happy to see you hitting the ground running :)

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