Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wicked Awesome Duct Tape Notebook!

So we've been having a great time the last few months, experimenting with duct tape, and trying out various ideas of ways we can use duct tape for crafting!

One of the crafts I was particularly drawn to when I first began playing with duct tape was duct tape paintings. Basically a duct tape painting is when you create/recreate a picture using ONLY duct tape. Usually it's on a canvas, but it can be on any sort of base. As soon as I got the idea to do a duct tape painting, I knew exactly the picture I wanted to "paint".

Wicked is one of my absolute favorite musicals, and I've always loved the cover of the playbill, with Glinda whispering to Elphaba. I got it into my head that I needed to recreate that picture, using nothing but duct tape!

Back when we saw Wicked, I had purchased the big, souvenir program, and I used tracing paper to trace the picture off the front of the program. I used a non-spiral notebook as my base, and began mapping out which colors would go where, and the best ways to go about recreating this picture. I got side-lined for a while when I couldn't locate a cream colored duct tape to use for Glinda's skin, but I finally got my hands on a tan that -while a little darker than I'd wanted- would work well enough.

I didn't want to do any of the small details or facial features, because I liked the idea of it being more simple; but at the last minute I decided to add the red lips on Elphaba, and I think it was the perfect touch!

It came out exactly the way I pictured it, I couldn't be more pleased :) Now onto my next "painting" which is going to be a My Little Pony picture
for my goddaughter! Crossing my fingers that it turns out just as great as the Wicked notebook did :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Minions - A Peek Behind the Curtain!

Meet our Minions from Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2! Aren't they TO DIE FOR??? Each one is about 10 hours of crochet work. They stand about 16-22 inches tall (they are each unique!) Anyone who sees one of these amazing minions in person wants to know how we possibly created such an adorable little guy all out of crochet! So we thought we'd give a little behind the scenes information on how they are created :)

All the various parts are crocheted separately, and attached to the main body of the minion assembly line style. Which means we'll have the following scene lying about the living room...........

Which can be a little bit creepy LOL! But once they are assembled they are the most amazing little guys :)  We leave all the pockets open so that the minions can put their little hands in their pockets, or they can keep little treats in there!
We are working on creating accessories and outfits for our minions as well! A maid's outfit like the one in the movie is in the works, as well as other minion characters - if you have a favorite minion that you'd love to see a crochet version of, leave it in a comment! We love new ideas :)

Our kids LOVE these little minions, and have put them on their Christmas lists! They are incredibly huggable and squeezable!

If you are interested in a minion of your very own, email us at!
Also, if you like the Reindeer Games house in the second picture, check out our friend's website, She is AMAZING!

The Cyber Monday Giveaway Winners ARE.....

Thanks to everyone who entered, we really appreciate it, and we promise there'll be more giveaways in the future! The winners are....

Grand Prize- OvertheCounter!! You have won a free scarf or hat, please email us at to discuss the details! You have also won $10 to be used at our etsy store, at :)

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To everyone else who entered, thank you so much for playing :) If you haven't subscribed to our blog yet, make sure to do so, so you don't miss the next giveaway!