Saturday, October 11, 2014

WoZhaWa Days Arts and Crafts Show

One of the biggest events that Busy Bee Stitchery attends and takes part in is the WoZhaWa Days Arts and Crafts Show each September. We work really hard all year to prepare for that show, and 2014 was one of our best shows yet!

Here are some pictures that were taken throughout the weekend! Please enjoy, and if you see anything you like that you'd be interested in ordering, head over to our Etsy store because some stuff might still be listed (we had multiples), or contact us to make an order if you don't see what you're interested in! Links will be provided at the end of the post :)

Our tent! This pic was taken on the second day, so the tent isn't as full as it was to start with.

The bag rack needs refilling! We sold a lot of bags before we took this picture!

We had people trying on hats all day long! We had to straighten this table a lot throughout the day :)

Our stuffies :)

This looked so gorgeous hanging in our tent!

This jar was packed full at the start of the show, and I was making them non stop DURING the show, just to keep some in the jar! Luckily we snapped a pic before those last 3 went to their new homes!

 I can't believe how few duct tape wallets are in this box, we started with SO MANY!!

 We sold a lot of rubber band loom Disney princesses, until this Ariel was one of the only princesses left!

Ipad cases! They can be made to fit any tablet :)

A shot to show us working away in the back of the tent! We've always got hats and such being crocheted and constructed, for people who come into the booth and love a hat but want a different size or character - they can come back the next day and pick up their order :)

One of our dear friends named Hope also sells at this show. Her business is called Agourdables, and she makes the most amazing animals and characters out of gourds. She also paints beautiful furniture, and she's always one of the most talked about vendors! Here are a few pictures of her amazing work! If you like what you see, check out her website,

While the first day of the show was incredibly cold, and quite rainy, the rest of the weekend was the most beautiful fall weather, and it seemed like everyone within a 100 mile radius decided it was a great day to go to the park and walk through the craft tents. We never had a moment when we didn't have a packed tent. It was an amazing weekend, and by the end we were all exhausted and ready for bed LOL!

Thanks for reading, please check out our various links and like/follow/etc. Have a great weekend everyone!

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