Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crafty Kids!

Let's be honest- there is just no way on EARTH these two kids could have avoided being crafty, what with all the crafts that float through their homes every single day! So while their moms work on crocheting, sewing, etc. the kids of Busy Bee Stitchery are often working on crafts of their very own :)

First let's introduce these Crafty Kiddos! Josie and Tristan are both 9 years old, and they have been best friends forever! These kids are two peas in a pod for sure.

Both kids love using their very vivid imaginations, and they've been watching their crafty parents create things since the day they were born, so both are, of course, very crafty themselves!

I thought it would be fun to share with everyone a few of the crafts that the Busy Bee Kids have been working on lately! We here at Busy Bee Stitchery couldn't be more proud of our little worker bees, and we hope you enjoy seeing their creations as well!

First up is Miss Josie! Recently I decided to give Josie her own Duct Tape Crafting Kit! I put lots of different duct tape prints inside, as well as solid colors to coordinate, and then various tools and supplies she'd need to start making her own duct tape creations.
She went straight to work, and spent HOURS just in the first night, cutting and folding and taping...She soon created a whole box full of duct tape goodies for all her friends and family!

She's going to town on that duct tape! I've gotten several adorable gifts from her that are SO creative, I can't wait to see what she thinks up next! Soon we'll be having our 100 Days of School Celebration, and she has been working hard on making 100 duct tape flower petals to take into her class, to illustrate the number 100! She's putting all that craft creativeness to good use :)  Good job, Josie!

Now for Sir Tristan! In November, Tristan decided he wanted to make a gingerbread house. But not just ANY gingerbread house! He wanted to create a Minecraft themed gingerbread mansion! He got to work right away by pulling out his paper and markers, and drawing up the blueprints for his Minecraft house (he had to promise me he'd work on his Christmas cards as well! It was a good compromise LOL).

After the design was finished, Tristan and his dad started baking the gingerbread, and cutting out several hundred of the small squares that they used to assemble the whole house and surrounding scene! They also baked up some gingerbread men, and used some of them to create a few of the "Steve" characters from the game. They then broke the arms off some of the gingerbread men to create Creepers, that they colored green with green frosting. The tree was made with an inverted ice cream cone!

 Tristan LOVED how it turned out! We proudly displayed it throughout the holiday season, and everyone who came to visit us admired it, and were amazed at how creative it was!

Both Tristan and Josie have awesome imaginations, and I have no doubt that as the years go by, they'll be creating more and more amazing crafts! I just love these crafty kids <3


  1. Love the minecraft mansion. That took a lot of dedication. They both look like they have been very busy, but look like they're having a blast.

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